We’re Back!!

The New Issue of Holmes Incorporated is ON THE WAY!!   The game is not only afoot, it’s an entire leg, and it’s running at you at top speed!

We’ve been slaving away at our all-new issue for the last few months, and it’s DONE.  The scripts are in, the pencils have been penciled, and all that awaits is the breathless excitement felt by you lucky readers when the darn thing is released.

Since last years’ amazing debut issue was so well received, we thought we’d nearly DOUBLE the page count of original stories this time, and put out a WHOPPING 80 page giant to follow up the phenom of issue #1.  Just as last year’s collection, this issue is being created by the next generation of comic book superstars, featuring art and scripts by folks from the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop (some of whom are seeing the work in print for the first time in their lives) and some returning champions, who did such fantastic work last ish that we invited them back as our veteran creators.  And also like last time, you have my personal guarantee of thrills and chills (and a few gills for our underwater stories).

In the next few weeks, in anticipation of the actual release of the second issue, this website will be a hopping beehive of activity, with preview pages, tutorials from the artists and writers, interviews and more.

Edgar Holmes as designed by Gibson Quarter

The family of Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century has grown quite large, with Edgar Holmes Jr., his sister Sherlock the 3rd (known as TREY to her friends), Elizabeth Watson, and Artie Holmes (great grandson of Mycroft) fighting international crime and solving modern mysteries that no one else can solve, and we’re as tickled to continue these chronicles of the great detective family as the original Dr. Watson was.

Check back in the next day or so, we’re so champing at the bit to show off our new cover by the great Leonard Kirk (X-Men, Supergirl, Sigil, etc) pin-ups and story pages by the Holmes Inc. gang, and so much more, that we might just give away TOO much on this blog before it’s published.  We’ll try to restrain ourselves, but you never know.

Oh, and because DC is doing it, so are we…the day of publication will see a digital release at the same time.

Who says this isn’t the TCW Age of Comics?

Ty the Guy Templeton.  Editor


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