The Deerstalker – Fly the Friendly Skies!

The Holmes Incorporated family is always ready to investigate the big mysteries, anytime, anywhere, across the globe.  No destination, no matter how remote, is out of reach thanks to their peerless, private jet, the Deerstalker.

Exteriors of the Deerstalker were designed and rendered by Holmes Inc. issue 1 creators Rob Oakman and Draake Herd.  The hard edges were drawn to be smooth curves in the final art to give it almost a bird-like sleekness. This jet was made for speed and stealth.

The Deerstalker interior was designed by another Holmes Inc. creator, Adam Gorham (Tueton, Big Sexy Comics), and has everything the Holmes Inc. team could ever need to solve any crime.

The cockpit seats four comfortably with pop up instrumentation and computer access.  Flight controls have gyroscopic arms that extend and move with the pilot, but can also be locked between the pilot’s knees. The two rear seats can turn toward the wall for fold-down workstations.

Down three-steps from the cockpit we have the Deerstalker’s main chamber, which houses the computer lab (for things like code-cracking, searching databases and telecommunications) and the Medical lab (housing pretty much anything you see on CSI!).

Every nook and cranny has a use! A series of storage lockers line the curved walls, holding everything from fold-down work stations and escape gear to parachutes, medical supplies and investigative equipment.  There are also fold down gurneys in case of injuries. The floor has tracks that allow every station to be swivelled into whatever configuration is required.

With a jet like this, and creators like Oakman, Herd and Gorham on the case, Holmes Incorporated delivers serious thrills!


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