Leonard Kirk and KT Smith give us the cover for HOLMES INC. #2!

It’s been fun introducing the world to some of the brand new talent working on Holmes Incorporated #2, but today we  get the joyful job of presenting to you guys some work of a couple of creators who have been doing this for a while.  At the beginning of our one month countdown to publication day, we officially release the cover image magnificently drawn by Leonard Kirk (Supergirl, X-Factor, JSA, and tons of other stuff you should go out and read) and coloured by KT Smith (Northern Guard, Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, and tons of other stuff you should go out and read.)

Here ’tis.



Not only did  Leonard do a magnificent job illustrating our brave heroes, he took time out of a schedule that we know is already too full breathe, so everyone here at HOLMES INC tips our collective deerstalker hats in thanks for the wonderful image for our second outing and the sacrifice of sleep it took to make it.  And it ain’t like KT is sitting around with nothing to do either (with a half dozen projects on her plate this week), so she gets a tipping of whatever else we can collectively tip.  Excellent stuff all around!

Now, do us all a favor and spread this cover image around like a skin rash at a skinny dipping party.  We want to see it everywhere in the next few weeks promoting our book.  Facebook it, link to it, put it up on your homepages, it even makes julienne fries!

And if you think we’re stopping here, you’re wrong.  Just like the snappy image you see to your left (by Daniel Wong and KT Smith), we have a bunch more pin-ups, alt covers, sneak peek pages, tutorials, interviews, games and puzzles, inside stories, and a travelling companion for grandma, all coming in the wild weeks leading up to our release date.

If this doesn’t send comic fandom clamoring en masse to read Holmes Incorporated #2, then democracy itself is doomed.   I’ve done my part to save the world, now do yours.

Ty the Guy OUT!


If this is your first visit to Holmes Land, the scroll down the page and discover what we’ve been up to.  There’s already too many goodies on this page to take in but you owe it to yourself to at least TRY!



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  1. Awwwwwwesome!!!

    Can’t wait for the issue! Wish I could have come out to play this time too, but… maybe next year!

  2. Wow guys, this issue looks great so far! Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Great cover with a subtle but strong S-curve undergirding it – the curve that Hogarth termed “the line of beauty”.

  4. Thanks all! We want to rock the comic world with this one and share the passion and creativity that went into it.

    There’s more art, designs and tutorials to come!

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