Sneak Peak – Zombie Love for Holmes Inc. and Gibson Quarter Art



Artist Gibson Quarter (Wasted) and pal share a sweet zombie apocalypse moment thank to Holmes Inc. #1.

And the only reason the other 2 didn’t add to the love is because 

we had to cave their skulls in with a shovel

when they tried to eat our brains.

Today’s glorious sneak peek comes from  the team of Holmes Inc. vet, Gibson “Gandolph with a brush” Quarter on art and Sam “Holy Crap, did I really just buy a house???” Ruano.

It’s called “Polarized” and it will chill you to the bone and boil your blood, all at the same time!

"Why am I smiling? Because I know how seriously awesome this issue is turning out!"

"Hmmm, my artist is seriously badass."

Evildoers beware! Holmes Inc. will go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to kick your fannies!

And in keeping with the creepy, zombie-monster theme…

Oh God.  This scares me so much I may need a fresh pair of pants.

Spread the word fellow Holmesians… Holmes Inc. #2 is on its way!!!

You can reach Sam at or follow him on Twitter or on his website at

You can see more of Gibson’s Wasted art here and follow him on his amazing blog!


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