Meeting of the Minds


Being a writer can be a lonely experience. Stuck in a room by yourself, toiling away for hours on a script. Thankfully, when you work with the Holmes Inc. crew, you don’t have to wait long before you get a shot of motivation in the arm.

Working on Holmes Inc. means weekly meetings where everyone gets to show off what they’ve been working on, which leads to a constant state of excitement in the room, and brings out everyone’s need to bring their A-game.




There’s something that brings out your excitement when you have someone like Ty Templeton complimenting your work. Also, having a room full of your peers ooing and aahing over your stuff doesn’t hurt either. It can easily be said that the entire group contributing to issue two are delivering the best work of their emerging careers. Even creators who have seen their work published elsewhere are upping their game for the new issue, and it’s fantastic to see just how much they’ve developed.


If there’s anything that can be learned from working with Ty and the group on issue two, it’s not narrative flow, not subtle character development, and not proper proportion, but rather, the benefit of having a like-minded group of peers to act as your trusted support group.

Comics are a collaborative medium, so don’t forget, when you’re toiling around on a tough page, or trying to push through a script, make sure to take some time out once in a while to show off your work and show a little pride in your hard work.



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