Pride Day Pin-Up – Equi-T by Rain and Marshall Geddes!

Greetings fellow Holmesians!

To mark Toronto’s Pride Day celebrations we present more of the collaborative work between Holmes Inc. creators Rain and Marshall Geddes – a new Pride-filled Holmes Inc. villain from the forthcoming issue two.

As we’ve mentioned, Rain and Marshall traded design duties on one another’s stories. Rain’s “Poker Face” is a dangerous and diabolical gambler and he deserves an equally “in your face” bodyguard.

Thus was born the massive, man-mountain of style, EQUI-T!!!

Equi-T design by Marshall Geddes

This not-so sweet transvestite rocks that cocktail dress but he’s just as likely to choke you into submission with those pretty pearls and pummel you with those high-heeled pumps!

Equi-T faces off against Trey Holmes in "Poker Face" from Holmes Inc. #2. Art by Rain.

And now, feast your eyes on Rain’s pulse-pounding Equi-T pin-up.

Admit, you want to read this imaginery comic so bad you can taste it!

Dang, that is sweeeeet!  Imagine how amazing it would be if this comic book actually existed. If enough people cry out for it, Rain just might oblige us!

Happy Pride Day from the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop and Holmes Inc.!


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