Holmes Incorporated #2 has arrived!!!

Greetings fellow Holmesians!
It’s like Christmas here at Holmes Inc. central . The day we’ve long waited and worked for has arrived  —

Holmes Incorporated issue 2 launches today!!!!!

Thanks to artist Leonard Kirk and colourist Keiren Smith, who hit our second issue cover out of the ballpark!

Tonight the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop opens the doors on it’s new studio to one and all for the

Holmes Inc. #2 Launch Party and TCW Open House!  

If you’re out Toronto way come on down to 587 College Street (at Clinton), in the heart of Little Italy.

The party starts at 7 pm.

All out action from "Old Wounds". Story by Mike Marano. Art by Grant Howarth and Kellam-Templeton Smith.

Meet current comic book pros and mingle with the next generation of up and coming comic book superstars! And get your hands on a mint-condition, pristine, first edition copy of our magnificent, 80-page giant second issue!

Grab a drink and oogle the framed original artwork from the book. And heck, while you’re there, take a peek at the new home of our awesome printers (and talented artists in their own right),  Guerilla Printing!

Starting next week, we will delivering copies to comic books stores all over Toronto and surrounding towns. Also next week we will launch the second issue digitally, as well!

Our editor, Twinkletoes Ty Templeton, has been so excited he’s been posting preview art for the last two days.  We don’t want to steal his thunder (yet).  

So pop on over to Ty Templeton’s Artland and get your free sneak peek here , here, and here!

And whether you’re there in body or in spirit, take some time to come party with the Holmes Inc. crew tonight. They’ve earned it!

Trey and Edgar II are ready for action in this intrigue-laden pin-up by Dashing Dawnson Chen!

Artist Delightful Daniel Wong did this pin-up before Holmes Inc. #2 was even a glimmer in our editor's eye! He was a fan of the first issue and now he's our lead-off artist for issue 2!


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