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The TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP is a learning environment where aspiring cartoonists can study with working professionals in the North American comic book, webcomics, animation and illustration fields.

The TCW does not offer a certificate or degree. It is a continuing education experience where students are encouraged to sample various instructors and pick the learning styles and philosophies that work best for them.

HOLMES INCORPORATED #1 and #2 are just the first in a series of publications that will feature TCW student artists and writers working under the umbrella of the FIT TO PRINT PROJECT. HOLMES INCORPORATED and its cast of characters were created by editor Ty Templeton especially for use in the FTP PROJECT.

This project is a rare opportunity to simulate the life of the freelancer working for Marvel, DC or other mainstream comics publishers.  Students work on pre-determined characters and concepts adding the additional complexity of working with an established property. The editor treats the efforts of participating students with a critical eye and vocalizes necessary changes as needed.  Strict deadlines are enforced.

Participating students must have attended at least one TCW course taught by Ty Templeton or one of the other TCW instructors.

Students are required to attend editorial critiques and peer revue sessions for the disciplines that they sign up for.

The final product is a finished comic book with black and white interiors and colour covers, printed using digital technology and distributed at the Fan Expo and Hobbystar family of conventions. Collaborators are requested to attend as visiting professionals to sign their work and/or sketch for fans.

Upon completion and printing of the project a launch party is organized and local media and professionals invited.   Additionally copies of each issue are forwarded to editors throughout the comic book and graphic novel industry.

If you would like to know more about the TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP please click here.  If you would like to find out more about the Fit To Print Project and how to take part in our next publication please contact Sean Menard at

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