Fasten your seatbelts and hang onto your pipe!  

The descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson continue the family business in modern times, serving Queen and country, battling diabolical villains and solving the big mysteries no one else dares to confront as agents of HOLMES INCORPORATED!

Edgar Holmes, Sr

The grandson of Sherlock Holmes and patriarch of the Holmes Inc. family. Trained in the sciences, deduction and forensic detection as a child by the master. The retired elder Holmes just can’t help butting in on family missions despite being confined to a wheelchair. This drives his son, Number Two, bonkers. The body may be old but the brain and spirit are indomitable.


Number 2

Sherlock Holmes the Second. Though he lacks the talent for deduction shared by his father and children, Number 2 is a master planner, businessman, diplomat and strategist. He oversees all Holmes Inc. missions despite being teased constantly by his family and second-guessed by his father, Edgar Sr.


Edgar Holmes II

Number 2’s son is in his mid- twenties and already possibly the smartest man in the world with an ego to match. Edgar is a cross between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, keenly solving the world’s most baffling mysteries and kicking serious butt. He’s also a fashion icon and never fails to overdress for any occasion.


Elizabeth Watson

A descendant of Dr. John Watson, she is the Holmes Inc. field leader. A specialist in chemistry, forensic science and history, this Austin, Texas native is tough as nails and twice as sharp. Very protective of the family name and quite possibly the deadliest fighter in the Holmes Inc. family.


Arthur “Artie” Holmes

A descendant of Mycroft Holmes, Artie is the practical joker of the family. Barely 20, Artie is a billionaire, software genius thanks to his high-tech operating systems, security programs and a bazillion software apps. He joined Holmes Inc. looking for new challenges.  Edgar Sr. hired Artie to avoid having the young lad’s genius drift toward darker pursuits. His companies include Diogenesis and Artech Systems.


Trey Holmes

Sherlock Holmes the Third (Trey for short). Number 2’s teen daughter is always armed with two samurai swords and loves to freestyle iambic pentameter while she kicks bad guy butt.  Trey is also a master sleuth who is eager to show her worth to the rest of her brilliant family.  Idolizes her father and her cousin Elizabeth, though she often ignores their advice!


Ryan Preston

A young filmmaker from Brooklyn, Ryan Preston is Holmes Incorporated’s unofficial biographer, chronicling their adventures on his blog and compiling footage for a documentary.  Ryan’s tenacity and ingenuity can come in handy in the field.  He recently started a tentative romance with Trey, and has a friendly rivalry with Artie, who doesn’t like Ryan’s ability to show him up with simple, human insight.


Holmes Incorporated, the Holmes Incorporated logo, and the likeness of the characters are TM Ty Templeton. These collected anthology packages are © 2010 and © 2011 TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP, with each story ©2010 or ©2011 the respective creators. All rights reserved.

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