Issue 2 Creators

Holmes Inc. is the culmination of months of hard work of many creative minds from various walks of life, age and demographics.  We are proud of everyone involved in the latest issue of Holmes Inc. and hope you’ll take a moment to learn a bit more about them!

A graduate of the University of Windsor’s Creative Writing program, Aaron Feldman has seen his written work published in numerous zines, newspapers, and websites. For two years he hosted the radio show “Semicolon Close Brackets” on CJAM FM, focusing on the burgeoning literary movement of Windsor and Detroit. This program earned him multiple awards, including “Best New Program” and “Best Spoken-Word Program.” He has also appeared as a guest on the television show “The Comic Book Syndicate”.
Aaron has performed standup comedy at various venues around Toronto. He has also written, directed and/or starred in dozens of sketch videos as a member of the Toronto troupe The Wrong Box. Many of their videos can be found at .
“Safe” is his first published comic, though he recently completed writing “Scowl”, a 200 page graphic novel told in nine parts. Ever the perfectionist, however, he is currently fine-tuning it, refraining from releasing the beast until he is certain that it will make grown men weep.


Christopher Yao was born and raised as one of ten kids in Toronto, Ontario, and attended Sheridan College for Illustration. Comics have had a major impact on his life in one form or another—everything from the backs of cereal boxes, Bazooka Joe strips, to some oddly interesting takes on Canadian political figures caricatured as wild animals. Christopher always felt a vested interest in the world of comics and, influenced by the titles and the artists of the 90’s, he began to hone his art skills. Comics and cartooning stayed with him throughout his college years and heavily impacted his freelance work in illustration. Christopher was the artist for Mr. Comics’ Sensei Fu and the Martial Arts Masters (2003). His current work includes art for the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop’s Fit to Print comic, Holmes Inc. (2010); and a Yaoza Graphics self-published book, Fauntkin – Journey to the Electric Horizon (September 2010).



Daniel Wong is an electrical engineer turned professional artist, pursuing his first love: the rush of artistic creation.  After 15 years designing and programming microcomputer devices in various industries, the desire to become a comic book artist resurfaced and took hold with a vengeance.  That goal has brought him through the trials and errors of self-education and self-publishing, and in 2010, landed him under the tutelage of Ty’s Comic Book Boot Camps and Fit-To-Print project at TCW.

His work currently ranges from comic book pencils to freelance illustration, from sketches at conventions to commissioned digital paintings and pin-ups, and from web programming to web design.

Some of his work can be seen at his site: and at his deviantArt page.


Danny Setna lives in Mississauga, Ontario and graduated from Sheridan College for Animation in 2010. He has always wanted to work in the comic book industry and is heavily influenced by films and graphic novels. Holmes Inc. issue #2 will be his first work in comics. Danny is currently working as a freelance storyboard and sequential artist.



Darius Fox is a Toronto born writer who is eager to make his comic book debut with Holmes Inc. issue #2. He attended the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop with no prior writing experience and was delighted to find an energetic and welcoming environment that allowed him to learn the ins and outs of comic book construction. He is currently working on a comedy podcast with fellow writer Aaron Feldman.


Dawnson Chen is a Toronto born artist who graduated from Sheridan College for Animation. He has worked as a background painter and layout artist for animation, Holmes Inc. issue #2 is his first venture into comics. Dawnson is currently working as a freelance comic colour artist and digital illustrator.


Dino Caruso lives in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe with his wife, son and two pet frogs. He plays baseball, hacks away at his guitar, and writes comic book scripts. His stories have appeared in anthologies from publishers such as Ape Entertainment, Reading With Pictures, New Reliable Press and Terminal Press.For more information, a full list of credits, and to see what else he’s up to, visit Dino’s website.



Gibson Quarter is best known for his illustration work on ‘War on Drugs’ strips with writer Alan Grant in the European magazine ‘Wasted ‘. In North America, Gibson has drawn stories for Holmes Inc. (issue #1) and Undertow #1.He has also illustrated numerous other European magazines and comics: Northern Lightz, FutureQuake and Something Wicked, as well asZarjaz and Dogbreath.

Gibson’s latest work can always be found on his blog

(photo by Raymond Santos)



Brantford born with a creative spark, Grant started drawing from an young age and got hooked on comics in the early 80’s.
That quickly turned into drawing and creating original comics with friends after school. Later moving to Toronto to work in the film industry (Trebas Institute graduate), and bouncing from different creative outlets that include, storyboarding, writing stories and scripts, DJing (a vinyl purist!), and dabbling a bit with action figure customising.
Now back living in Brantford and a proud father of a beautiful daughter. Thanks to the TCW he’s delving back into comics and is hyped to be a part of the second instalment of Holmes Inc. Curently working on his epic passion project “The Alternatives / The Slow Burn” that he plans to self publish later this year.Contact:


Although he had spent the majority of his life drawing comic books, J.S. Longstreet was blind. From the early age of six until today, J.S. has drawn unfathomable numbers of cartoon characters and comic books, and a few animations. However, after attending Ty Templeton’s “Comic Book Boot Camp” course, everything J.S. Longstreet knew was tossed out the window. In recent years, J.S. has also published a book, begun work on a web-based graphic novel, and designed well over three hundred characters. While his knowledge of the comic book universes is minimal at best, J.S. is striving to learn more and become an active part in the comic book artist community.



James Cooper has been a storyteller since he can remember. In grade 6, he wrote and illustrated the comic mini-series Electro-Boy and sold copies to kids at his grade school to help raise money for a new school playground.

Since then, James has branched out to more ambitious projects, including writing the super hero parody Ban: Sidekicked, which launched at Toronto’s Fan Expo in 2010 and sold out two printings. “This comic has everything!” exclaims Kurt Sasso of TGTWebcomics. Ban: Sidekicked is now available in digital edition through the Cloud 9 Comix app for iPad.

James also writes & directs film, including the short film Trigger, which has played six film festivals across North America.

James’s work can next be seen in Cryptophobia #2, and anthology published by Viper Comics.



Kathleen Gallagher grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but moved to Toronto in 2004 for the fresh air. She has worked as a journalist, media analyst, and closed caption editor, but finds nothing is as rewarding as writing comic books. You can usually find her at local conventions helping set up the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop panels.



Keiren (KT) Smith  is a hell of a colourist and letterer. For those who love back story, we can add that as the wife of pro comic book artist, Smith spent years negotiating with editors and dealing with the business end of the comics for her freelancing husband, Ty Templeton.  Her reward was more work as she began to take on lettering and colouring duties when deadlines grew tight.

Turns out she was a natural. As a letterer she has worked comics as diverse as the critically acclaimed Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, American Splendor, Big Max, the Heroes of the North webcomic and Harvey Pekar’s final story in Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales II. Currently, Smith is the go-to gal for Canadian superheroes, serving double-duty as letter colourist for Moonstone Comics’ The Northern Guard and Tights and Fights: Ashes the Comic. She is also the master lettering and production PERSON behind the astounding comic that is Holmes Incorporated.

Now, she colours. She letters. And she still talks to editors.


Marshall Geddes made his recent comic debut writing and penciling THE GREEN BLOODED MURDER. For most of his eighteen years, Marshall’s passion for stories and art expressed itself through obsessive doodling and comic-collecting. Under the masterful mentorship of the eminent Ty Templeton, that passion has found a more disciplined venue in his study of writing and drawing. Marshall is fervently exploring self-discipline strategies to launch a superlative career as a graphic storyteller.



Mike Marano has always wanted to write comics and he’s been headed in that direction for years, even if he wasn’t fully aware of it. Between adapting literary tales into comic form in school, graduating from U of T with an Honours BA in English Literature, Film Studies, and Mythology, and being the Comics Editor and a contributing writer for Realms Magazine, it seems inevitable that it would come to this. Mike is currently one of the writers of Holmes Inc. And he’s thrilled. Mike’s other interests include pop culture, world travel, talking about himself in the third person and making things up.



Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan is a twenty-year-old puppeteer, animator and cartoonist. He has worked on other comics such as The Shapeans, Global, and Stitch.  Pierce inked “Spring Loaded,” and he drew, inked, lettered, and wrote “The International Incident.” He resides in Toronto.



Rachael Wells is an enthusiastic scribbler who is rarely more than arms’ length away from a sketchbook, but has been known to use the borders and backs of boring memos in a pinch.Since her debut in Holmes Incorporated Issue #1, she has been an occasional participant in the Toronto Comic Jam, and these issues are available from the Comic Jam’s website. Her art appeared in Grawlix Anthology #1 released in May 2011, and additional work is scheduled to appear in Grawlix Anthology #2 later in 2011.

Rachael is proud and delighted to have been included on the amazing team for Holmes Incorporated #2.

She has this advice to any aspiring artists, young or old: “Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do,
especially if it’s something you love. It’s only impossible if you never try.”



Rain grew up on Star Wars, 70s Giant Robot Anime and Rocket Robin Hood. Rain, who’s courage is as tremendous as his appetite, is just one of the outstanding comic book creators in the second issue of Holmes, Inc. Rain has used his artwork as a visual language to help teach special needs folk, – a job he adores. His work has appeared in  “Roadkill” issue #2 and he continues to develop his skill under the wise tutelage of Ty Templeton at the Toronto Comics Workshop.  Rain is currently working on a web-based comic, a musical with his improv-queen wife, and a developing creative partnership with the incredibly cool folks at the toy company Onell Design.  Rain is a firm believer that the world will end in 2012, that Jesus was a zombie, that God is stronger than Buddha but not as fat, nor as nice, and that Elvis not dead, but in fact, undead. He also believes that if you’ve read up to this line, you should really go take a nice walk outdoors. Get some fresh air, for Pete’s sake.

Rain can be reached at


Gemini Award winning Robert Pincombe is one of television’s most in-demand writer/developers for kids and animation properties. Rob developed and story-edited the awesome hit show Kid vs. Kat for Disney and is currently doing the same for the forthcoming animated horror comedy, Camp Lakebottom. Years ago, Rob produced the awesome strip Joe Frosh for several York University papers, the comic page Stark Raving Adventure and the interview comic Framed for Venue and Motion magazines. Rob also produced the mini-comics Art Inaction and Your Comic Here, as well as contributing to Don’t Come Alone, a Hilarious House of Frightenstein tribute comic.

More recently, Robert has helped create more awesome comics like the  Tights and Fights – Ashes digital webcomic with Holmes Inc. vets Christopher Yao and Keiren Smith.  Rob still writes occasionally at his blog Comicanuck and is the newest contributor to Sequential, Canada’s top digital spot for comic news and commentary.

Rob is proud to be assistant editing the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop’s latest, crazy-awesome issue of Holmes Inc. as well as contributing to two of the titanic tales found within.  Awesome!



Sam Ruano is a writer and improv comic originally from Montreal. His past work includes staff writer for CBC’s “Little Mosque On The Prairie” and writer/performer on Much Music’s “Totally Untrue History of”. He is a graduate of the Canadian Film Center Prime Time Television Writer’s Program and holds a BFA in film production from Concordia University. Ruano worked as a videographer on the travel adventure show “Exploring Horizons” which took him across central and South America. Sam currently works for the National Film Board of Canada on many award-winning documentaries while freelancing as a writer and script consultant. His dream is to write comics and become a surf bum. Sam is currently at work on a new comic called “Arena” about a politically charged world where heroes and villains gain or lose power based on public perception.


Follow Sam on Twitter or on his website at


Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing scripts and art to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Mad Magazine, The Simpsons, The National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, the Avengers, the Justice League and many others. He’s also been a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and a lifelong reader of these things. (Don’t get started on his stage or TV careers, or the disastrous chapter of his life playing Gumby on TV.)  His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out with Alan Moore, guest-starring members of the bands BAHAUS and APRIL WINE.



Vince T, known to The Man as Vince Tourangeau, works in the software biz, but is pretty sure his education in mathematics could be put to better use in the comics industry. He wrote and pencilled his first comic, “Enabled!”, for the forthcoming second issue of Holmes Inc.  Now that the madness of Fit to Print (Code name for the Holmes Inc. project) is behind him, he’s splitting his free time between writing a role-playing game for his iPad and developing a trippy sci-fi comic featuring space wizards, robot zealots, and the secret behind all of creation.

His wife Mireille is infinitely cool and understanding.

Some people say he’s a bit of a nerd but his mom says he’s cool.


Yolanda Cheung spent most of her childhood reading and dreaming of comics, and is happy to be debuting her first piece of writing with the Holmesian team. She hopes to spend more time drawing and writing after she graduates from architecture school, but for now maintains a small comic strip as a hobby. Her work is featured in the University of Waterloo newspaper “Imprint”. Other than comics, she wants to change the world and is always looking for ways to do so!

contact: on Twitter

Check out Yolanda’s architecturally sound webcomic dYdactic 

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