Issue 1 Creators

Toronto Cartoonists Workshop is proud of the contributions of those involved with the inaugural issue of Holmes Inc. Read on to find out more about the team that made Holmes Inc. what it is today!



Adam Gorham
is a budding comic book artist residing with his wife and daughter in Mississauga, Ontario. A year into his pursuit of a serious career in comics, Adam completed his first self-published original graphic novel, The Vampire Conspiracy, which received a silver medal prize at the 2010 Independent Publisher’s Awards. He is now set to debut the first issue of Teuton, a sprawling epic set in the dark ages, which he hopes you will enjoy. His artwork is featured in numerous indie publications, including Holmes Inc. Adam thanks the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for its support and tutelage.



Alex Greychuck has attended Sheridan college for animation, Joe Kuberts school for comic book stuff, and, of course, Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp. He has been an animator and storyboard artist since ’89. This is his first foray into comics.





Christopher Yao was born and raised as one of ten kids in Toronto, Ontario, and attended Sheridan College for Illustration. Comics have had a major impact on his life in one form or another—everything from the backs of cereal boxes, Bazooka Joe strips, to some oddly interesting takes on Canadian political figures caricatured as wild animals. Christopher always felt a vested interest in the world of comics and, influenced by the titles and the artists of the 90’s, he began to hone his art skills. Comics and cartooning stayed with him throughout his college years and heavily impacted his freelance work in illustration. Christopher was the artist for Mr. Comics’ Sensei Fu and the Martial Arts Masters (2003). His current work includes art for the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop’s Fit to Print comic, Holmes Inc. (2010); and a Yaoza Graphics self-published book, Fauntkin – Journey to the Electric Horizon (September 2010).




Throughout his life Dean Dumont has always done some form of drawing. His schooling consisted of various art classes and studying graphic design. After a career in broadcasting, Dean returned to his art roots and studied Illustration for Comic Books and Graphic Novels at Max The Mutt in Toronto.




Eden Bachelder attended Nipissing University and York University, where she obtained a BA in English and an Honours BFA in visual art.  Through sequential art, she found a way to combine her love for written and visual storytelling.  Since graduation, she has attended workshops through Max the Mutt and Toronto Cartoonists Workshop to build her illustration skills.  She has created custom work for a wide range of professional clients, including Forumwarz online gaming, Shameless Magazine, Novita Techne, Ed the Sock, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.  She also paints and sells original fine art in acrylic and mixed media.




Gibson Quarter is best known for his illustration work on ‘War on Drugs’ strips with writer Alan Grant in the European magazine Wasted ( He has also drawn stories for numerous other European magazines and comics: Northern Lightz, FutureQuake and Something Wicked, as well as Zarjaz and Dogbreath.





Greg Dunford is the author of “Welcome to Holmes Inc.”  He writes Hard Drive, an ongoing cyberpunk comic at his website,  Previous works include the space western “Extinction Hunter”, published in British anthology Futurequake #15, and “Performance Anxiety”, an apocalyptic tale to be printed in an upcoming issue of Murky Depths.




Heather Emme is an experienced writer making her first foray into comics. Her work has previously been seen in Room, Jones Av., Fire & Reason, Fireweed, (EX)cite, Smart Moves, Grey Borders, and Siren. She has a monthly column in Today’s Parent Toronto. She can also be seen in “Hoverboy: Hero of a Thousand Buckets” at





Although he had spent the majority of his life drawing comic books, J.S. Longstreet was blind. From the early age of six until today, J.S. has drawn unfathomable numbers of cartoon characters and comic books, and a few animations. However, after attending Ty Templeton’s “Comic Book Boot Camp” course, everything J.S. Longstreet knew was tossed out the window. In recent years, J.S. has also published a book, begun work on a web-based graphic novel, and designed well over three hundred characters. While his knowledge of the comic book universes is minimal at best, J.S. is striving to learn more and become an active part in the comic book artist community.




Raised in Brockville, ON, Jeff Rusland has been drawn to the world of superheroes since his mother handed him his first comic book. Although Jeff drew constantly as a child, he initially took a different path. After working as a chef for a number of years, he decided it was time to go back to his first love: drawing. Enrolling in animation, he graduated from a three-year program art program in 2009. Holmes Inc. is Jeff’s first published work. It has been a great experience and he is eagerly seeking his next project.




Kathleen Gallagher grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but moved to Toronto in 2004 for the fresh air. She has worked as a journalist, media analyst, and closed caption editor, but finds nothing is as rewarding as writing comic books. You can usually find her at local conventions helping set up the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop panels.





Keiren (KT) Smith  is a hell of a colourist and letterer. For those who love back story, we can add that as the wife of pro comic book artist, Smith spent years negotiating with editors and dealing with the business end of the comics for her freelancing husband, Ty Templeton.  Her reward was more work as she began to take on lettering and colouring duties when deadlines grew tight.

Turns out she was a natural. As a letterer she has worked comics as diverse as the critically acclaimed Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, American Splendor, Big Max, the Heroes of the North webcomic and Harvey Pekar’s final story in Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales II. Currently, Smith is the go-to gal for Canadian superheroes, serving double-duty as letter colourist for Moonstone Comics’ The Northern Guard and Tights and Fights: Ashes the Comic. She is also the master lettering and production PERSON behind the astounding comic that is Holmes Incorporated.

Now, she colours. She letters. And she still talks to editors.



Madeleine Beaupré has worked and volunteered in museums, theatre, retail, and event coordination. She has studied and taken courses in anthropology, biology, drama, and English at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. After a lifelong habit of doodling in the margins, Madeleine has enjoyed learning about writing, drawing, and storytelling for comics at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop. Though initially drawn to comics by a love of superheroes, she has since fallen in love with the medium itself, and she’s pretty sure comics are stuck with her.




Mike Marano has always wanted to write comics and he’s been headed in that direction for years, even if he wasn’t fully aware of it. Between adapting literary tales into comic form in school, graduating from U of T with an Honours BA in English Literature, Film Studies, and Mythology, and being the Comics Editor and a contributing writer for Realms Magazine, it seems inevitable that it would come to this. Mike is currently one of the writers of Holmes Inc. And he’s thrilled. Mike’s other interests include pop culture, world travel, talking about himself in the third person and making things up.





Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan is a twenty-year-old puppeteer, animator and cartoonist. He has worked on other comics such as The Shapeans, Global, and Stitch.  Pierce inked “Spring Loaded,” and he drew, inked, lettered, and wrote “The International Incident.” He resides in Toronto.






I’ve been drawing ever since I developed the motor skills to close my fist around a crayon. Since those earliest of attempts, I’ve attended classes and workshops at Seneca College, Sheridan College, George Brown College, Max the Mutt Animation School, Toronto School of Art, and Toronto Cartoonists Workshop. I’m a member of the Toronto Animated Image Society, and my submission for this year’s animation jam, as well as work from the monthly TAIS meet-ups, was screened at their annual showcase in June. Over the past couple of years I have fallen deeply in love with drawing comics, and am thrilled to be a part of this project.




Rob Oakman

A student of the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, Rob has been attacking the world of storytelling from all angles. He has no less than a dozen writing and acting credits with comedy group Comedy Made Short, which is set for its television debut on Rogers TV in September. He is currently working in early development on a TV pilot, a novel, and is making his published debut as the writer of “The Case of the Bobby Bomber” in Ty Templeton’s Holmes Inc. series. With a range of influences from Hemmingway to Douglas Adams, Rob is always looking for a chance to tell a story in any genera and any form.





For more than a decade, Gemini Award winning Robert Pincombe has been one of television’s most in-demand writer/developers for kids and animation properties. In addition to writing awesome animated hits like Iggy Arbuckle, Grossology, and Stoked, and working on awesome cross-platform successes like Beyblade and Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Robert has also maintained and revitalized licensing juggernauts for small fry like Max and Ruby, Caillou, and Franny’s Feet. Since developing and story editing the awesome hit first season of Kid vs. Kat,  Robert has turned his creativity once again to his first love, helping to create awesome comics like the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop’s inaugural issue of Holmes Inc. and there are more projects in store.  Awesome!





Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing scripts and art to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Mad Magazine, The Simpsons, The National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, the Avengers, the Justice League and many others. He’s also been a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and a lifelong reader of these things. (Don’t get started on his stage or TV careers, or the disastrous chapter of his life playing Gumby on TV.)  His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out with Alan Moore, guest-starring members of the bands BAHAUS and APRIL WINE.



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